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Updated: Sep 11

Don't Know what to look for in a standing desk common questions answered below.


In Moderation both standing and sitting have their benefits. Standing helps you improve your lifestyle helping you be more conscious of your posture and tends to put you in positions where you can stretch compared to sitting. As for standing desks there are many options; it's all about what you are looking for and what your goals are. I Love my standing desk because I can stretch my back and neck.

I get into amazing spine stretches I wouldn't otherwise do And I feel more aligned.

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1 ~ TechOrbits Electric

Great desk comes in at a price of around $388. The brown wood laminate top and black frame has a cool professional look to it. 1.5 second per Inch speed (Low) which is not that great but use that time to get some water. heights are from 28 inches to 48 inches (Average). The Digital Panel is responsive and is equipped with anti collision Safety.

4 memory heights enough for two people(Average). The Desk can hold up to 180 pounds of equipment which is plenty for 2 screens and a laptop(Average). Sound of the machine is barebal and won't disturb people at work according to the factory. Best overall for this desk is the Lifetime Warranty (Best in Class)that it comes with. Click here to read more or buy

2 ~ Jarvis

Average height ranges from 26.5 inches to 45.75 with a speed of 1.5inches a second (Average) comes with 4 memory option presets (Average) and a 7 year warranty which is (average). Get it assembled for around $59 per unit. Comes in Bamboo Which looks amazing.

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3 ~ Zhu Chuang

Nice Desk comes in a couple different sizes. 100% Bamboo. Can go as low as 27.5 inches and up to 47.2 inches(average) Heavy duty all steel structure frame with a 350 pound Load capacity(Best in class). speed of 1 inch per second (Low) which is on the lower end of the standing desk Market.

4 Presets (Average).

7 year warranty.

Assembled for about $59 per unit. Click Here.

4~ ApexDesk Elite

The Apexdesk elite is available in 6 Colors Walnut and light oak being our favorite. The desk comes in two sizes 60” or 71”. Top measures 60" x 29.5" and 1” thick and a middle width (Narrow part) just under 2 feet. The Electric Height system has a speed of 1.3 Inches per second (Low/Average) with a quiet dual motor lift system going from 29" lowest to 48" top included.

With a One-piece center beam for added stability the Steel frame is stable when raised, with little to no wobble at any height. The desk can Support up to 225 which includes the top but still plenty for 2 screens a laptop.

LED Display Controls 4 customizable preset heights with quick height changes. Assembly takes less than an hour or you can pay $59 for a professional third party assembler through amazon.

No Warranty on amazon for this product. click here to buy

5 ~ VIVO Converter

Spend less and get more with the VIVO converter sit to stand desk.

To people that want to stand at a lower cost this is the desk. manually lifting to convert in a instant. 33 pound lift assist which is plenty for two screens and a laptop.

Comes in a 32 inch and a 36 inch size. Minimal assembly and a 3 year warranty.

6 ~ SWH

Why we like the L shape desk, and why you should get one comes with 4 hights that you can preset. Heights from 28 inches to 45 inches. capacity to hold up to 110 pounds takes between 30-45 seconds claimed a customer. With a single motor and no outlets.

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Want to Learn More, See what to look for in a standing desk think which Features you like the most. Read Below to See our Research

20 hours of research to find features buyers look for in a standing desk and what to look for when buying.

Having an Ergonomic workspace is the new healthy.

Although standing for long hours have adverse effects, switching between sitting is a good way to keep a balance.

Standing Desk purchases have soared with the current at home style of working conditions and have proven to be the better option in office desks.

Want a hammock under your desk, the uplift v2 Standing Desk allows you space to hang a hammock under the table.

Are you Sitting most of the day?

  • We Sit at home

  • We sit while driving

  • We sit when we get to work

  • We sit for dinner

  • We sit to watch tv because we are tired from sitting at work.

Sitting too long is the sitting disease. With higher risks of heart disease diabetes, certain cancers and premature deaths. 430,000 Deaths a year are associated with sitting and having a sedentary lifestyle.

Studies have linked long periods of sitting with weight gain, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other health Issues.

Standing desks have helped with Lower back, neck pain and shoulder issues. Blood pressure went down after eating when standing at a standing desk. Likelihood of heart disease went down. Posture improves and a more conscious decision is made to be healthier.

Reduce Fatigue

and Boost energy levels while standing. Fewer headaches and tension in the neck and it gives your body more room to move.

Changing positions help with blood flow and movement in the body.

Mobility issues happen when we sit all day and then are too tired to stretch.

A study of 74 Healthy participants showed that it's not the calories burned but what happens when you stand.

Amount of calories burned per hour per activity

  • 80 calories burned while sitting per hour

  • 88 calories burned while standing per hour

  • 210 calories burned while walking per hour

We have only scratched the surface on the benefits of standing while working said lead researcher.

Features Available

Elevation Change: a keypad or button with presets allow for easy up and

down changes. Some motors are slow and some are quick, we don't care if the desk is slow or fast. We set the height before a break and the desk is ready when we need it, takes quicker than 59 second while you could be getting water or maybe doing a stretch. Desk motors are quiet. Check before you buy

Customization: Standing desks come in all shapes, colors and sizes; bamboo, hardwood with metal legs being our favorite.

Assembly: Amazon has third party assembly for most of the desks at a fraction of the cost and time it will take you. Most desks take about 2 hours if you do it yourself.

Accessories and add-ons: Having a Monitor arm allows perfect eyesight and is a must. Eyes should be straight forward and not looking up or down at the screen, Think seated meditation where you feel like someone is pulling your head up and you look straight ahead for perfect bone balancing not leaning on each other but just being there. Looking down makes you start the never ending lean and gets you into a crouching positions if you do not catch yourself. Mouse and keyboard tray.

Click Here for Anti fatigue mats that helps with feet and body fatigue helps to floor cushion and aligns the body.

Weight Capacity: most desks can support two screens and a laptop. Some desks can hold up to 350 pounds which for most cases are excessive but nice to have.

Stability: Does the desk shake or have excessive wobble going on.

Warranties: Check before buying. Brands also offers extended warranties through third party vendors. Our number 1 pick has the longest warranty- lifetime warranty of the product you don't see that too often.

Shipping: most desks arrive within the week. If it takes longer to get the desk it usually means that customer service is going to be an issue.

Return Shipping: The converter desk is the only one we saw with no return shipping all other full sized desks charge for return shipping.

Customer Service: If a Brand is slow or can't answer basic questions in a timely manner RUN. Issues in the future might be hard to fix.

Desk made in the USA? Images Below


Do you stand but hunch?

Standing is not a substitute for exercising as you read earlier standing only burns 8 more calories in an hour period. “people that find switching too inconvenient tend to not switch, and they go back to their old habit, sitting.” go with a electric desk.

Make sure your Eyes are not too close to the screen recommendation is 20-40 Inches. Standing Could reduce efficiency and creativity till you get into a routine of a standing desk in the beginning.

Types of Standing Desks

  • Converter Desk- ones you put on a table

  • Full standing desk- they stand on their own

  • Standing desk with wheels-They are mobile

  • Standing only-you can only use the desk for standing

Height change Selections:

Electric- Push button or keypad

Manual- Lift assist helps lift and lower

Crank- Crank to adjust the Height

Converter Desks: come with lift assist so don't worry about lifting all the weight. My desk is pretty easy to lift. I have two screens and a laptop and it feels like about 70% of the weight is taken off, make sure it clicks before you let go when adjusting the height of the desk to make sure it's locked in place.

Anti fatigue mats for standing is a must: We like this one Click here

We like the thick mats for a squishy comfortable feel. Check out our favorite here. We like not wearing shoes when on the mat which allows us to feel when we are balanced and comforts the floor.

Height Range: make sure that the desk will be able to go high enough and low enough for your height range when standing or sitting. Most desks work for people but check before you buy.

While standing

Look out for the following when sitting or standing.

  1. -Vulture neck (Leaning forward too much)

  2. -Slouche (Sloth)

  3. -Hunching (Huncher)


Start slow. If you get tired sit down the only goal you have is to stand for as much as you can till you start liking it.

Keep it fun Stretch while standing.

When buying a desk make sure the monitors will be eye height so you are not looking down-Neck issues. Does the desk you want come with Grommets for all the computer wires and wire management.

Do you want wheels with your desk?

Find a standing desk with wheels here

keyboard should be elbow height when standing and typing.

Feeling fatigued while standing? Are you tired or sore if you are sore look at how you are standing. Great standing desks accommodate a wide range of heights are stable with thick legs to accommodate heavy weight. You should be feeling like someone is pulling you up from your hair. You should not be sloaching into the ground.

Before Buying message support and ask if they have any discounts.

Here is a app called Giving assistant its a cashback site meaning if you go to a site like amazon ebay or walmart you can get cashback on this app and they are a non profit I am giving I think 10% to feeding america which is pretty cool I am a affiliate for them you get $5 when you join FREE and I get $5 just once when you join and nothing comes out of your pocket. Click here for that. Cash Back.

Tired? Take a Break and Go for a walk. Walking is a great supplement.

Not sure if a standing desk is for you?

This option gives you FREE SHIPPING both ways so if you don't like it return it for free. click on Image to go to retailer its the cheapest on the list and does the job perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are standing desks good for you?

Standing desks are beneficial, like everything else if you use it too much it will become bad for you. Look at retail or factory workers that are on their feet all day. People in those industries tend to deal with more standing fatigue, foot pain, back pain, neck and shoulder issues.

Why standing desks are good for you?

Standing burns 8 more calories per hour compared to sitting. Health benefits from Standing help you align your spine and neck Making it much easier to tell when you are not standing straight up, Which is a reminder to fix your posture. I also tend to stretch more when I stand and overall feel better.

Are standing desks healthier?

In Terms of losing weight no, you only burn about 8 more calories, only about 24 calories(1 carrot) every 3 hours compared to sitting. A 30 minute walk will burn about 100 calories.

Are standing desks worth it? we like them.

Standing and sitting complement each other. Start slow and easy with sitting breaks. Once in a routine sitting for 15 minutes and standing for 45 minutes in a hour is a nice mix.. Change it up and do different movements, stretch touch your toes and get creative Yes they are worth it.

Price: How much are standing desks?

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  1. Converter Standing Desk (Cheapest) range from $100-$300

  2. Full size Standing Desks range from $300-$900

  3. Commercial Standing Desks from $900-$3000

How standing desks help?

Helps break up my routine Allows me to stretch more and I do. Reminds me to be more conscious about how I stand for long periods of time. Helps with digestion and lower blood sugar levels. Helps with posture. Allows me to be more mobile and free moving. Makes me more creative and helps my flexibility. allows me to see where I put most of my pressure on my feet when standing which have bigger benefits.

Who are standing desks for?

Do you tend to have back issues, are you sitting all the time. Are you tight at the hips?Sedentary lifestyle much? don't stretch enough? you might want to try a standing desk.

Which standing desks?

1. Converter desks are cheaper.

2. Full standing Desks with motors are more expensive.

Where to buy standing desks?

You can buy through our link by clicking on the desk you like. Or going into google and typing in Standing Desk.

Which standing desks to buy?

Depending on your situation do you have a lot of room or do you not have much space and can only use a converter desk. want to test it out and return it if you don't like it?

Why are standing desks overrated?

Not all people are into standing desks, it's hard to get use to standing. After all you want to be comfortable and able to be effective. Standing makes that a little more tricky in the beginning.

Why are standing desks so expensive?

There has been little research associated in this field. Companies are coming up with new ideas and have not mass produced the desks. Most standing desks do have technology built in them like bluetooth connectivity and lift assist to help with height changes. Materials like metal and bamboo are heavy and reflect in shipping charges. Most desks come with great warranties and protection plans as always check before you buy.

If you want to find out more about the products click on the link. It is a affiliate link it doesn't cost you anything. All images and blue words underlined are links.

checkout Standing desk treadmills on amazon.

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