The 10 Best Home and Office Chairs of 2020

Updated: Sep 11

With the ever changing office to home work environment we decided to take a look at working chairs.

Now you can get that dream home office look that you have always wanted. While there is no shortage of features in the office chair market we found making a decision on a chair needs to be done quickly.

Desk Chairs are selling out due to the ever increasing work from home climate. This Guide will break down features and help you explore the best suited office or home chair for your butt.

Sitting all the time is not recommended but having a good chair is.

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“We spend about six to seven hours a day sitting at our desks so pick one that fits your style and need”

1 ~ Duramont

The rollerblader

The Duramont ergonomic office chair has rollerblade wheels which is pretty awesome and smooth at the same time. We love this chair as it covers what we looked for in a office chair. With a mid range price of around $329 this is an absolute must try chair. The ergo design with high back support and mesh back for a less of a sweaty back experience that also reclines. Click here to buy

2 ~ Homall

The Ergonomic Office racing gamer

The homell is a great overall chair it is good for gaming or serious business.

The gaming chair has the look and feel of a racing car with wheels. Made with leather and is ergonomic with a headrest. Comes with two cushions for upper butt and neck support. Many colors to pick from and has a good price point of around $139. The chair surprised us with a 180 degree back tilt and locking mechanism which is not not the norm for the chair market. Pro customer support is quick and responsive. Click here to buy

3 ~ Hbada

Office task chair

Comes in white the hbada is a basic office chair that is sleek and simple. The space saving size chair comes with liftable arm rests perfect for any space. The minimalist is easy to assemble with good instructions. Great overall chair with a good price point of around $129. Click here to buy

Con: Armrest hurts when too much pressure for too long.

Book on amazon click to read sample

4 ~ Furmax

Great priced ergonomic

With Over 600 reviews It is a simple ergonomic with a cushioned backrest. Comes with a thick seat pad for long term daily use. Made for any environment including home office or gaming. Allows you to make victory spins once you beat a level or do a great sale or video conference. Made from high quality wear resistant PU leather. Click here to buy

5 ~ AmazonBasics

Covers the basics

The chair is made out of bonded leather with no headrest. The computer desk is a good choice with a great price point of around $76 with a thick seat pad that covers all the basic features.

Con there are a lot of people giving the chair bad reviews because of issues when receiving the chair or it breaking within one week there are also a ton of good reviews. This chair is one of the best selling chairs on amazon for a reason. Amazon has a great return policy. Buy it and give it a try don't like it send it back. Click here to buy

6 ~ Starspace

The Leather Executive

The Thick double padded high density foam seat pad and flip up arms is a great plus for this chair. Mid range price point of around $159. The black leather is bonded and the seat is ergonomically designed for work or gaming. Helps Bring out and enhance your productivity. Large chair made for medium to tall people. Easy to assemble and has a weight limit of up to 250 pounds. Click here to buy

DVD on amazon click to learn more

7 ~ Sterling Leather Executive

Beautifully Modern Style Office chair

The Zuri furniture company opened its doors in 2006. Stylish office chair with genuine Brazilian leather. Although the chair is on the high end of the chairs we tested we love the overall design. Comes in 3 different colors. We like the chair because it can tilt back and has a padded lumbar and head support. It is a big chair for tall people as well and it feels like you are sitting in a sports car while you are working. The assembly is pretty easy and comes with clear instructions on how to assemble. Model number B07GBJH9BG. Click here to buy

Just by looking at this chair it will improve your performance


Price- Does not necessarily mean best

Adjustability-You probably have an office chair right now. Look at what features you like and don't like then go from there.

Some of the chairs we tested can lean back all the way 180 degrees.

Some have foot rests. Most chairs can go up or down depending on height.

Make sure the chair supports your back or if you want to sit up straight up like a monk then you don't need to worry about back support.

Do you like a headrest on your chair. Do you often get sweaty when sitting? then you might want to look at mesh support instead of a thick back.

Our favorite chair has rollerblade wheels because rolling around is our favorite and it has to feel smooth.

Some of the chairs allow you to move the armrests out of the way.

Material- chairs come in leather, mesh or other hard shaped plastic it all depends on what you like in a chair.

This is a guide from our point of view. Most retailers have great return policy so go out there and try them out.

As a online seller we love reviewing products and looking for the small details. We quickly see which products are duplicates of others and which products are simply Amazing.

A little attention to the features you are looking for will change the way you look at products. All these products reviewed have really good sales and overall people love them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which chairs are best for your back?

Think good back support, cushion does the chair have head support, does it recline, is it

Promoting sitting.

Why chairs are made of thermosetting plastics?

Chairs are made of thermosetting plastics Because they are light, strong, durable and don't melt, resoften or get reformed once formed and don't get affected by the sun or excessive heat. This does not mean leave your chair in the desert to test this theory.

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