Best Standing Desk Converters for Laptops 2020

Updated: Sep 11

Top 6 Converter Desks What to look for in a converter standing desk and FAQs answered below.


It was hard to pick one converter desk so we picked our top 6. We broke down what we liked from each desk. We covered key areas. If you want to learn more about the products click on the image of the product that will take you to the retailer. Cheapest standing desk starts at $49, our pick is $100.

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1 ~ FLEXISPOT M7 28” Stand-Up Converter

One of our favorite standing desks because it checked a lot of boxes.

Height changes with a lever. Lift assist technology helps lower and raise the desk to the perfect height. Enough space for a desktop screen and a laptop in the front. Black or Mahogany with three sizes to choose 28” 35” or a 42”. Perfect for home or office (space saver) desk goes straight up and down . Assembled except for the tray which has to be screwed on and takes a few seconds.

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The two tier system allows your keyboard to be at elbow height which is the perfect height and has a large keyboard tray with a quick release system. A 33 pound weight limit on the desk (Low). you have about 12 Inches for a laptop on the laptop tray and the desk stops at many levels between the high and low. The Flexispot comes with a 3 year warranty (Low). Customer support is not helpful and slow at resolutions. Overall a great product easy to use and maintain.

2 ~ Huanuo HNLA 7

We like the Huanuo adjustable laptop stand it comes with 9 adjustable heights. Only fits a laptop and is for compact spaces. Raising from 3.2” to 16.5”. Comes mostly assembled and you only have to tighten 7 screws which can be done in less than 2 minutes. The mdf top and steel frame makes this desk heavy duty. The desk allows for up to 90 degrees of angle adjustment.

This desk can fit a 15” macbook pro, you can stand and sit when using the Huanuo HNLA 7. Some people say the desk is bulky and clunky.

3 ~ Hippo and Frog Desk Riser

The Hippo comes with lift assist to help height adjustments. The desk moves vertically for space saving motion and can hold up to 20 pounds.

The desk is easily foldable and can be relocated with an easy one arm carry.

you can stand and sit using the hippo. No assembly required takes more time to clear your desk than setting the desk up. Using the one lever on the side makes the desk go up and down in 1 step- pull and move.

4 ~ Executive Office Solutions (Portable)

Come in a Lightweight aluminum with plastic legs. NO more overheating laptops has 2 Silent USB cooling fans for your laptop we like it. The stand is adjustable and can do many angles, you can also attach the mouse pad if you want to use a mouse (Included).

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The Executive desk comes with a money back guarantee No questions asked. The desk has over three thousand reviews and overall 4 star rating. Price of the desk is around $59 coming in at the lower end of prices. Most compact desk that we tested.

Customers Love it.

5 ~ Seville Classics 36”

The Seville comes in 3 colors We like this desk even though it is on the higher end of price ranges at around $165.

The converter desk has two tiers one for the keyboard and one for screens.

Convert from sitting to standing using the Quick lift levers. Comes with lift assist technology that assist lift and lower for a smooth transition. The Desk can support up to 33 pounds and stays in the footprint when lowering or picking up. The Seville can fit two monitors.

Comes with a 3 year warranty and the ability to buy a 5 year plan from a third party on amazon for around $26.

Bulky but worth it if you have the space also has a built-in Tablet/smartphone Slot allowing them to charge. Minimal assembly required for the keyboard tray.

6 ~ Rocelco 32”

Rocelco made our number 6 pick with a price around $123. The converter desk can hold two monitors and has lift assist taking most of the weight when lowering or lifting.

Comes in white or black with a keyboard tray and locking levers for safety. The desk can lift up to 30 pounds into 5 positions.

No Assembly required. Comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer or you can buy a 5 year from a third party on amazon for around $18.99.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to take my stuff off when lowering or picking up the platform?


No most of the desks are made to hold your computer gear without unloading anything. If the desk doesn't want to go up you probably have too much weight and will need to remove some of the weight.


Do converter desks come with warranties?


Most desks come with 3 year warranties; you can also buy longer protection plans through third parties.

Full standing desks have better warranties averaging at 7 years and one has a lifetime warranty.


What Do you not like about the standing desk?


Most desks still deal with the issues of looking down. I have not seen any Brand that fixes this issue without buying accessories for the desk. When you are standing or sitting you should be looking straight at the screens you should not look down and the keyboard tray should allow for your elbows to be parallel to the ground 90 degrees.

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