Question: How do you calculate the value of our house ?

Answer: Our offer is calculated by taking sold in similar condition properties + Our Costs + management fee = How We Get Your Cash OFFER.  it's not just a random number we throw out there. We tell you how much the property is worth to us. There is No Obligation to accept our Offer and you can walk away at anytime. 

Question: What if the house is really ugly and has a lot of damage ?

Answer: We buy any house, As-Is, no repairs needed we will take care of it all. Is there a lot of stuff in the house we will handle it.  If its not mentioned here just ask us. 

Question: Why should I not just list it with a realtor?

Answer: We offer speed and convenience to get a Fair Cash Offer. We Work With Realtors in San Diego please message us if you would like a referral. 

Question: Is the Process really that simple? 

Answer: Yes Once we have all the info we can buy the house Cash

Question: Is this a scam? 

Answer: We work with US Regulated institutions to do the Entire transaction. The Title company acts like the third party one of their purposes is it to keep both parties safe. If you don't feel safe you can walk away.

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